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    Old But New 1100 With A Hole

    Whats going on. I have a question. I have a 96 raider 1100 that I wrecked like 7 years ago. at that time the ski was mint. brand new impeller, intake grate, spnsons, flame arrestors the whole nine yards all brand new at the time and the ski had like 100 hrs on it so no dings of substance and no paint fade. well i wrecked it, put a hole in the front and sank it. got it home and my now ex wife (Hmmm ??) told me to get rid of it. well i wrapped it up and have been storing it ever since. I just pulled her out and not good. the motor i yanked out and the crank is rusted in. the carbs are great, impeller everything else is fine. but there also is that hole in the front. is this thing worth fixing? should i take the motor in to a shop and have it rebuilt or what?and the hul looks fixable. i have the tanks out (oil and gas), and its all cleaned out but i remember reading this is a different compound of fiberglass??? any help would be great. thanks
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    you will drop at least a grand in the motor! and if it's not fiberglass it's SMC and still easy to fix using the proper material , got pic's??

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    if he does all the labor himself he could get away with, sending the crank off to have new bearings installed, light hone of the cylinders, rings, & carb kits. Less than 500bucks.

    Then turn around and sell the clean ski for 2000. and have 1500 in the pocket.
    Or could part it out for some extra cash.

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    pics of the motor or the ski?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcxprint View Post
    pics of the motor or the ski?
    Pics= Pictures

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    Just a question whats the best stuff to use to fix a crack or hole in a ski like that?????????

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    depends on the size and depth of the hole

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    wont let me post pics..says i dont have access?? could be waiting for activation of my account??

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    i'll pm you my email addy I will post it for u ( not sure why you can't post?

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    My blaster has one small hairline on the back leftside. Nothing causeing a waterleak or anything it has been like that for a long time. Any suggestions.

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