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Thread: RXP low speed

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    RXP low speed

    hi what speed is the stock speedo showing with stage 2 kit ,Riva is saying 75mph (radar) but my stock speedo is saying 69mph and barely faster than the stock RXP ,still have to gps it but 69 on stock speedo sucks should be 79 or something

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    speedo sucks, dosnt mean anything

    get gps

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    Yea, what wakeborder556 said.

    Also post some more information so guys can help more. Like what RPM are you turning?

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    i know but it should kick the stock ass right

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    Stock speedo only reads up to 70mph. Check all of your seals, impeller wear ring, etc. but first off you should post your rpms.

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    the ski is new just broke in ,but the rpm are 7800 could it be that riva gave me a rong impeller

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