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    Looking to by a new ski, need input!

    So here is the deal, a local dealer has a crated '07 3D, 951 engine. List is 8300 and without haggling they said they were looking to get 3900 out of it (I am pretty sure I can get for less than that). I did a search but have not found too much discussion about this ski here. Over at PWCtoday, all but a few "stand up" guys just bash it, but those that have actually rode one say it is fun to beat around. So here are my questions...

    1. Is the 951 a good engine? I have heard the earlier 951's had some issues but later engines were ok.

    2. Is there anyone here that has one that can give me their opinion of the ski, I would perfer no bashers getting involved, I know it was not a popular model but I think it would be a good second ski for my wife and kids to ride (a superjet is in the future but the wife probably won't ride that).

    3. Besides having almost no popularity and resale value, any short commings? (i.e electrical system, ability to mod the engine/pump)

    Thanks for any input guys!

    ASP out..................

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    Do it before may 30th and you can get the warranty promotion. I heard some storys about people buyin left over RXX's takin them out and the motor throwin a rod through the case becasue they sat so long the internals started rusting. The bitch of it is that model was sold without a warranty.

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    It's probably as bulletproof as a 951 gets....

    Yeah, the standup crowd over there are pretty childish about the 3d. if you can get it cheap enough, and want to experiment, I say why not! There are a ton of 951 go fast goodies on the market, and that XPL hull under the 3D is outstanding.

    It was a failure, in sales, due in no small part to the manufactures not understanding what the market wants... They botched it with the 785, and then it was too late to throw the 951 at the 3d by then. Minds had been made up, and once the child-like standup market decided that it wasn't manly enough for them, then it was doomed. Not many runabout folks really want to deal with it. Sad really. The "sport" class of the hx, blaster and hurricane could have been re-invented if this ski would have handled better.

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    it is a DI 951, isnt it???
    not alot fo engine mods, but some handling mods, pump improvments will help the DI alot. very reliable engine s far as a 951 goes. probably a fun ski but i would get an older 97-99spx first, and a real standup, i have seen them around, people riding are always just trying to keep up with the sit downs. that not what it is for, it is a turn and carve ski for playing, not cruising. if you ever rode a standup you know what i mean.

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    I have a blaster, an 05 RXP, and I had an XPL Limited. They have all been a lot of fun, each in there own way. I through a lot of money at the 951 XPL motor to make it faster, and in hind sight it was money poorly spent. The fun factor didnt go up much, and the worrying about reliability wasnt worth it. I think if you avoid water ingestion, and leave that motor stock, it will be very reliable. That's a good price for the 3D. I would get it with the moto seat(Ala blaster) and it will be a hoot. That's my semi qualified opinion........and that's all I have to say about that.


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    Nearly in your situation, looking, XP,XP DI, 3D etc etc. Dealer here is Wisconsin said over the phone 5399 OTD, thought about it, researched and concluded the boat is sort of a fun misfit, can do a little of everything but nothing GREAT. Since I am a bit of misfit myself, I called to pull the trigger. Then I got the ol "ahhh, who quoted you that?" routine. Boat is MSRP this, but the best we can do is 7 or some crap...WTF?
    Anyway, I was convinced it was worth 5400 to have a brand new boat, with warranty and with the relatively reliable package of DI, so for that kind of money??? You could ride it for a year and sell it for nearly that, they are for sale here and there for 55-6500 USED in WI/IL/MN.
    Good luck-

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