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    Genesis engine hours

    How many hours could one typically put on a Genesis 1200 fuel injected engine before major engine repairs? I have 188 hours now of tube pulling, wakeskating, WOT fun and it still runs great. Reliable and starts every time. Thanks.

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    Hi pw, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!
    I've seen them with 225 hours but I don't think more than that...I'll bet some of the guys at the dealers have seen more.

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    Thanks for reply. Any others? We put 50 to 60 hours a year on and now I'm a bit nervous.

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    new motor will be cheaper than a new ski

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    Would you be comfortable doing some engine work yourself?

    Since it is running well now, you can plan for the top end rebuild (the bottom end/crankshaft should still be good), and renew the cylinders/pistons when it suits you.

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    Compression test will give you an indication of how it all is going .Keep an eye on the oil pump cable for condition (remove it to check it as it frays in the sheath near the bend into the adjuster) and I would believe 5-600 hrs will be a good number to start thinking about an inspection, if the numbers are starting to fall .


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    Thanks guys for your response. I will post compression numbers this weekend to see what you gurus think. I am leaning strongly to moving up to a jet boat so it may be time to sell anyway.

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