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    Need some stock RXT & RXT-X WOT speeds for purchase help

    I am considering either the RXT, FX Cruiser SHO or RXT-X. I am sort of leaning toward the RXT because it seems to be the best on sipping fuel (for cruising) and has a more aggreable price tag. My concern is that it will be lacking on top end. In this shootout it showed 65mph, but on it shows 62.5mph which is slower than my previous 2003 Supercharged (65.0 GPS). Do you just need to stand on the very back of the RXT to hit 65 or is 62.5 about average for this ski unless you have your butt handing off the back?

    To those who own an RXT or RXT-X what kind of top speed numbers are you getting? Please note I am only looking for stock mph numbers as I not going to mod this and this stock number will likely sway my purchase decision.

    Also, can anyone comment on how the dry the SHO is compared to the Sea Doos? This is important because I'll ride all year in TN and like to take it out on semi windy days late fall and early spring.

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    There are quite a few stock rxt's on this site who regularly run 66+.

    All ski's are different...even the same models...riders...conditions ect.

    You do not need to stand on the ass to get top fact...I'd like to see someone do just that! Ha!'s a 65mph ski...most run a little better...a few don't get past 64.5.
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    My stock RXT runs 66.8 mph on 3/4 tank of gas.

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    If Gas is a strong ocnsideration the 155hp skis do a hell of a lot better on gas than the SC skis. there you are talking about 56 to 59 MPH and upgrades are limited

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    Is there much of a difference between the RXT and RXT-X in fuel consumption when cruising? Can you run regular gas if you had to in both models if the fuel got low on the lake? One big concern is cruise range because I'd take this on road trips instead of my boat and I need it to go at least 70 miles on a tank. Is the difference between these skis on the top end that much different that it warrants $1500 or would you all save the money/fuel?

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    from what i've read, the top speeds of the RXT and RXT-X are real close, probably 1-2 mph. The RXT-X will just have better acceleration. However, both skis should out do on top speed and acceleration the FX. Not by much though. The RXT has smaller fuel injectors, so should get slightly better gas mileage. I do not know what the new FX gets on gas mileage. You will need to use premium fuel (91 or higher octane) on both the RXT and RXT-X. Any supercharged or turbocharged engine needs the higher octane. Don't run regular gas on any of them.

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    My RXT X ran 70.1 completely stock at 11 hours.

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    RXT-X's seem to be a solid 3+ mph faster than RXT's. The fuel mileage shouldn't be much different IMO. Unless you're going WOT the injector size won't affect mileage significantly. You should really get 91+ octane as much as possible. Lower octanes will slowly but surely hurt your engine and the performance of it. If you can't avoid it, then well, you can't avoid it. If you want a holeshot monster that goes a little faster on top end, then I'd say the extra $1500 is worth it.

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    most stock RXT`s are 65 MPH all day long superman and you get 66+ and with average riding you will get around 75 miles per tank, if 61 MPH is fast enough the best option cost wise and fuel wise is the 15F from Kawasaki,

    the RXT-X mine at least is 68 all day and 69+ lower fuel and superman I have 6 hours on it so far the fuel consumtion seems to be high

    you may be able to find a 07 RXT left over for a great price

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    I can't believe some of the speeds you guys are getting with the stock RXT-Xs. I would be super happy hitting the 70mph barrier. I told my wife that a change in impeller and intake it could run 72 and she then told me she didn't know if it was a good idea. What's the big deal. My last one GPSed at 65.0. What's a few mph? Still kinda worried about gas though on the RXT-X.

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