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    What did you sea doo punks do today? here's what i did :)

    JK i love you guys..

    here's some pics of how i spent my friday!!! Gooooooooooo honda!

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    damn man... when i come there in like 2 weeks... it'll be my first time on my ski on the Long Island sound. I'm a south shore guy all my life, been boating on the north shore, but not with the skis.

    i thought u and your pimps had some skis that were competition for me? i'm gonna have to use my learning key...

    lookin forward to gettin over there during the week asap man.

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    haha learning key...........

    what you need is a ski that runs first right?

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    First he needs a hull, then the engine (well he's got that), then put the two together... baby steps, man- to ask for a whole ski that runs, well that's just asking too much!

    Hey, Jeff: What about that DC run? You're not interseted?

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    I wish i could man, but I'm paying my way through gradschool which starts in july :-/ so that translates to not much extra money

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