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    Post Spark Plugs AGAIN!!!

    Last July 4th went out with a couple buddies notice for the first time while idling around 1200-1400 rpms and studdering or missing. Before that day it was around 1300-1400 rpms. Well 01xdime a friend of mine and co worker said check my plugs and I read on here about it and I had all the symtoms. So I changed them to the next step up which was the Iridium ones. I figured this year they had a bit left in them. Well I was wrong, I went out today and felt a good studder and then misfiring and thought maybe a hose clamp from the Free Flow came off so I hulled ass back to the dock. Took it home ran it on the hose still studdering, pulled the plugs, BLACK!!! So I used my friends Ultra which I tow on a double trailer and pulled his plugs put them in mine, TADA!!! Thank God it was only the plugs and not a warranty issue. So tom. Monday I have to go to Petes Cycle or Cycle World and get some new plugs. A guy told me that I should just use the ones recommended because it can cause to much spark...Hmmmm. I didnt notice it studder till I floored it and then I felt it misfire and I could tell I reduced speed a little bit so I let off the throttle and floored it again and no problems. Well soon as I let off the throttle shortly after that I felt it studder and misfire some more and thats how this all came about. The 15 min. or so ride back to the dock I didnt feel it miss or studder due to I was on the throttle same as what happened last 4th of July. Idling it misses and not idling it felt fine.
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    Anyone have the exact thing happen to them? A second time?

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