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    What do you need to go from stg3 to turbo?

    I have a Rive stg 3 with a rude charger. What parts do I need from where I am at now to a turbo set-up?
    I really enjoy my RXP now but I know I am not going to be the big dog on the lake forever.
    I enjoy the reliability of my ski now and don't want to lose that ( and with a very short riding season here in Minnesota with the ice just going out last monday).
    I can't decide if I want to bite the bullet now or wait till the end of riding season to see how reliability plays out for those who have already gone to turbo's.
    So what do I need to get from stg3 to Turbo?

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    You'll need a turbo.

    Any possible a rising rate fuel pressure regulator.

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    The easiest way would be to buy the turbo kit, Skat impeller and the rising rate.
    If you are good with welding/fab skills and perhaps some knowlege on turbos you could make your own. Also do you have the 93 octane fuel available in your area ? Most have said that if you want to run over 15 PSI boost you should run the 93.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveC View Post
    The easiest way would be to buy the turbo kit, Skat impeller and the rising rate.
    Is that it?
    What sort of air intake are people running?

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    add to the list...

    spare short block and/or money on the bank for seasonal rebuilds depending how many hours you put on your ski each year

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    What needs to be rebuilt each year? Is there that much more wear on the skis vs. a high output sc?

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