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    Smile Is there a CO. that Re-nickasil cylinders

    I was reading another thread where the comment was most people get there cylinders bored and re-nikasiled .OK if that is done what pistons do you run as all oversize I have seen for GPR1200 call for sleeves,and yamaha doesnt make say a .05mm oversize only the 3 colors which are A thousandths diff.I just ordered a new cylinder with piston and rings paid less than 495.00 for cyl,piston,rings.The covering on oil line was cut too long and actually forced oil line off of rear cylinder, with middle almost off.Here are pics,Thanks and please let me know about the re-nik. of cylinders,Thanks>Marvin
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    When you send your cylinders to Millenium for repair they make them same size as OEM. you can get pistons from them matched to your cylinders. or you can send them pistons to match clearances. when people say they get theirs bored usually they are increasing the size from a 1200 to a 1300,1390 etc.

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    That looks like aluminum. Ya need to go to a hardware store and buy sum muratic acid. take a Q tip and clean that aluminum off may still be good just need a honing.... DO NOT get the acid on anything but the cylinder walls.... It looks bad now but once the alumnum is gone ????

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