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    recommendations on reasonably priced mods?

    Here's what I have:

    RIVA Stage 1
    RIVA Pro OPAS blockoffs
    Ride plate holes filled

    Im looking for reasonably priced mods to compliment my current setup and to possibly gain a mph here and there. By reasonably priced I mean around $500, not a 1K IC or ECU.

    Here are some items I had in mind:

    RIVA Pro series reduction nozzle
    RIVA high flow hood

    Any input on these products or recommendations for other products would be greatly appreciated.


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    Cut the reverse bucket lip
    Cost = nada
    Gain = 0-1.5mph why not!

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    I already plan on doing that, but I was looking for info bolt on items.

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    do you still have reverse when this mod is done or no?
    Any pics of this around also

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    Yes you still have reverse.Just dont get to carried away with cutting thats all.If you do cut alot off you may have to trim it all the way up for reverse to work well.You Can find out exactly how to do the mod in the tech section.

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    With my reverse adjusted correctly! (All the way up) And with it trimmed there was absolutly no gain. It was a back to back test. All I did was take my 4wheeler and pull the ski on the bank and trim the bucket and retest..
    No gain!


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    Sometimes the gain is nada because the reverse wasn't blocking the water in the first place. You could check with a straight edge to see if it hits the reverse but you really have nothing to lose unless your hand slips and you lose your reverse bucket...or your hand.

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    What tool did you use to cut the reverse bucket?

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    Dremel with the attachment of your choice. Started off with a disc to cut it then i used the sanding attachments to get it smooth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RXPkid
    What tool did you use to cut the reverse bucket?
    If you don't have a dremel and you are on the water testing and want results NOW...go full throttle and then pull back on the reverse lever.
    You will not have to worry about the bucket anymore.

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