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    Florida leads nation in boating fatalities.

    I am sure Florida has the longest season, or lack of I should say. The 'season' is year round.
    Scroll down for the PWC stats. PWC accidents are still declining, that's a good thing.
    Boat crashes drops

    By Kevin Wadlow Senior Staff Writer
    Posted-Friday, May 9, 2008 6:26 PM EDT Email this storyPrint this story

    But the Keys still lead Florida in number of accidents annually

    Florida Keys waters retained a notorious state ranking in 2007: The place where boaters are most likely to crash.

    None of Florida's 66 other counties matched Monroe's total of 74 serious boat accidents investigated by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, according to statistics released this week.

    “South Florida and the Keys have boating all year around so people from all over come down here on vacation or on weekends,” said Officer Bobby Dube, spokesman for Keys FWC district.

    “Most of [the accidents are] due to careless operation of a vessel and inexperience on the water,” Dube said.

    The accident total is one fewer than in 2006, and significantly below the 120 accidents reported from Monroe in 2005.

    Four people died as a result boat accidents, or falling overboard, in the Keys in 2007.

    Statewide, 77 people died as the result of boating accidents last year, an increase from 68 in 2006. It was the highest boat-accident death toll in the nation.

    Miami-Dade County saw 13 boating fatalities from its 67 accidents, far and away the highest death toll in Florida, according to the annual FWC Boating Accident Statistical Report.

    “It was a bad year but mostly the same old story,” Miami-Dade FWC Officer Jorge Pino said. “People get careless or choose to operate a vessel after drinking. We're working hard to get the message out: You need to pay attention on the water.”

    Collier, Lee and Palm Beach each accounted for five boating fatalities. Broward and Pinellas had four like Monroe.

    Monroe County also led the state in non-fatal boat accident injuries with 35.

    Total monetary damages from the Keys were logged at $1.49 million. Palm Beach County apparently has more expensive boats; its 52 accidents combined to cause $2.3 million in damage.

    The most common causes for Keys accidents last year were failure to maintain a lookout (17), inattention (11), speeding (seven), improper anchoring (seven), careless operation (six), reckless operation (three) and boating after drinking (three). Three boat fires were caused by failure to vent after fueling.

    Monroe ranks second statewide in personal-watercraft accidents with 18, although 20 other Florida counties have more registered PWCs than Monroe's 2,251.

    Miami-Dade leads Florida in PWC registration (11,582) and PWC accidents (21).

    Dube noted that PWCs are banned in Biscayne National Park, which lies along the south Miami-Dade coastline. “We're just a short ride away,” he said.

    Statewide, there were 161 PWC accidents. In general, PWC accidents have been on the decline since topping 300 in 2002.

    The FWC ranked 668 significant boating accidents last year that involved death or serious injury, or caused more than $2,000 in damage. The state accident total has been essentially flat for three years.

    Drowning - from falling overboard, capsizing or crashing - accounts for more than half the state's boating fatalities. Accident injuries account for 38 percent of the deaths.

    Other statewide facts from the 2007 safety report:

    u Ninety percent of boat-accident fatalities were male.

    u Peak boating months are March through September.

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    I dont know what the stats are but I bet FL has one of the higher # of boat registrations of the 50 states.

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    Michigan and Florida

    go back and forth as highest boat reg states. Now I think FL
    is in the lead.
    As with any statistic you have to get into the numbers.

    The right way to analyse this is boat hours per accident to give
    the rate of incidence. Fl has a 12 month season and a huge amount
    of lakes and ocean to ride in. Ocean boating is much more demanding
    and the man overboard accident much more serious and deadly.

    FL also has people who travel long distances, ie the Caribbean which
    add to the stats. Bermuda triangle anyone? I still tell people about the guy who use to own Charlie's Crab restaurants, he went missing with his
    crew on a 77 ft. luxury motor yacht with pro crew.......never found again.

    Boater ed is OK, what is really needed in hands on instruction on
    the water on the boat you'll be running.

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