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    Help me remove my air filter tubing?

    On an 05 R12X I am putting on a Uni filter, is there any trick to removing the factory air filter tubing? I have the box unbolted and it removed from the turbo but it feels like its attached under the airbox somewhere? Also, what did you do with the Wastegate Bypass Hose that attaches to the air filter ducting? Should I reroute it and install some type of filter or one way valve on the end?

    Thanks for any help....

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    Thanks for all the help

    24 Views, hey thanks for all the help, now that I have the air intake piping off, what am I doing with the Wastegate Bypass Hose, can anyone atleast help with that?

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    I wish I could help you, mine's still stock. Good luck.

    Although, why are removing it? Have you upgraded the intercooler? To my knowledge there was no real benefit, besides hotter air, if you didn't have the IC.


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    To remove the stock 03-04 airbox, you must remove the stock intercooler. You can follow my IC install instructions on the website to dig it out.

    The uni doesnt add any top end, and does not increase the intake air temp. The honda engine runs very cool unlike the sea-doos. It does help throttle response slightly.

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    Mac, am I seeing the PIC right on the website that the UNI fits right on near the Turbo basically under the IC??

    If so is it really a big deal to install the UNI if the IC has to be removed??? (without upgrading the IC)

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