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    Any More Free Speed!?!

    Well I'm getting ready to go up north with my rxp and I already have a few parts on the way and I was wondering if anyone had found anymore free speed mods. So far I've done the reverse bucket mod and am in the process of filling in the ride plate holes. Just wondering if anyone had uncovered any more tricks.

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    I was waiting for my Riva parts to arrive and got bored and started looking at the front air scoops on my RXP. I removed the front chrome moldings and was suprised to see how restrictive the hood is under the chrome moldings. You can look through the chrome moldings (scoops) from the front of the craft, facing rear with a light and easily see the restriction. The chrome moldings can allow much more air to flow than the hood will allow. I used a dremel tool to open up the hood at least 50% to allow more air to be pushed into the intake vent. Now the hood will allow as much air to flow as the scoops can push. The appearence is 100% stock, but the scoops should flow much more air, I would guess double. I also cut the bottom of the intake vent, lower section open to allow air to flow easier. Together this has got to help cool the engine compartment, at least when the craft is moving fast. Maybe another example of free HP.

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    Just don`t eat a wave.

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    Get the breather breathing fresh. Put a k&N filter in the tube in front of the seat. Use whatever pipe you can afford. Riva PPG or vent pipe from home depot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HOSS
    Just don`t eat a wave.
    Yea, I was thinking the same thing. A good wall of water over the hood and you're screwed. I don't ride ocean, but even on a lake I get plenty of water comming over the hood when messing around.

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    Hey Rex I'll be seeing you real soon I'll be up next weekend and we can rip up the lake!

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    Water comming through is not a problem. I went wave jumping, 360 turns, soaked the front of the boat, not a drop inside. The water would still have to travel around the front and down the intake tube (as it would have to do when stock). Just don't cut through the front of the hood into the engine compartment like some do. That would be asking for problems.

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    Hey FireFox, I'll be up next weekend also to finish off the ski. Hope you're ready for my buddy SpeedJunky on the Yamaha forum if he's up. His GPR is running pretty good for not having it zoned in yet.

    RXDI2, could you post some pics of what you've done . Sounds interesting. I'd like to see how you cut holes in the hood without having water easily get in.

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    Hey Rex I should have my stage one done but I didn't get a chance to make my own pro block offs so I'm stuck with the normal ones. Going to be having any crazy parties because I'm always up for crazy parties.

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    Probably no parties. But hey, bring golf clubs if you golf. Just in case I can't beat you on the lake I'll take ya on the course .

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