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    Has anyone heard any news about what components we will see in SHO Stage I

    It's looking like I will have my GPR project done in June so I'm looking at getting a SHO Cruiser in July or August. I am hoping the dealers will become a bit more flexible on price by then. I love my GPR, but it sucks for riding 2 up and beats you up in rough water. I am planning on getting a Riva plate and grate for the SHO and maybe the power filter. I'm assuming we'll see an aftermarket impeller in Stage I, but has anyone heard of what other components we will see in addition to the rpm kit?

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    Well right now the stock ecu is limiting the mods we can do with that huge engine. Jerry said the ecu problem has been worked out in the stage 1 kit.

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    the ECU will make a night and day difference over the stock ECU. Lots of great things are in the works for this ski

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