Trials to tow-in: Tim McKenna records epic Teahupoo day
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Billabong Pro Tahiti
Presented by Air Tahiti Nui
ASP World Tour Event # 3
Teahupoo Taiarapu-Tahiti
8 - 18 May 2008 Live Coverage | Results/Photos/Videos etc

Trials to tow-in: Tim McKenna catches epic trials/tow day
Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 May, 2008 : - - Teahupoo Tahiti created a perfect arena for the Air Tahiti Nui – Von Zipper Trials. But later the swell peaked at 5m and the trials gave way to the tow in crews who scored one of the best sessions of the year. A day of standout performances from the contingent of Hawaiian, Australian and Tahitian surfers set an unprecedented level of commitment and high scores, including two perfect 10-point rides.
“I knew the swell was going to be bombing when I came down here and the wind looked insane, so the whole event was super special,” Jamie O'Brien said. “One of the things I have always wanted to win was a Teahupoo Trials and I put that on my list a few years ago. I have nailed that and now I have a chance to be in the main event and have fun.” The main man behind the lense at Teahupoo is Tim McKenna. He filled several memory cards in his camera recording the Teahupoo action from dawn to dusk.

Tim McKenna Teahupoo Trials toTow-in 28 April 2008 Waves were 'manageable' for the trials at Teahupoo - click images to go to gallery Afternoon tow teams took over Teahupoo - click images to go to gallery
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