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    Voltage Regulator / Intake Mod

    Hey Guys have any of you taken the voltage regulator out of the intake air stream? I want to take it out of the intake system and maybe run it to the side vent on the hull (S200 Boat) this way it will still get some air past it but not be in the way on my new 4" set up? What do you think???

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    I have mine located next to the battery and out of the air stream. No problems yet, but the temps haven't been real high. This weekend will be the test, supposed to be 100 at the lake tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _Lurker_
    This weekend will be the test, supposed to be 100 at the lake tomorrow.
    Only 94 up here... 60+ skis, five bars/restaurants, cold beer, grudge racing...

    Though BRP's idea of putting the voltage regulator in the flow of cool air is sound, I've never heard of anyone having problems with it once it was moved. Still makes sense though to leave it as uncovered as possible for heat dissipation.

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