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    Machine Work

    Has anyone herd of Gilomen for crank and cyilinder work??

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    I've not heard of them but two things come to mind.

    What equipment are they using for their machining?
    It could be state of the art, maybe even great older equipment, it just bothers me it's in his garage...don't ask me why, that's where I work on my own stuff.
    A photo of his shop/garage would make me feel better.

    They do their fine tuning in a water tank??
    How do they get proper piston wash, RPM readings and/or plug readings in that aerated water, I mean I just don't think the impeller/engine can get properly loaded like that.
    General testing, checking for leaks etc., yeah...fine tuning?? seems to me that's a job for the lake??

    If you use them, please report back.

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