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    Exclamation 1997 GTI, power fading

    I have a 97 GTI....when i get it out on the water for the first 10 or so minutes it runs fine,,,but after that, it seems that the power fades in and out...i dont know if it is because of fuel or spark plugs or something more...i put new fuel in it, and ran it down to about a quarter im kinda ruling out the fuel....but any suggestions that i can get i appreciate it



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    Sounds like fuel starvation.

    Have carb cleaned/rebuilt & replace all fuel lines & fuel valve.

    The fuel lines deterioate inside & clog the small filter in the carb & cause what you explained.

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    i just looked at my water seperator today, and that was completely full. I emptied it, could that have been the problem??

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    It sounds like that might be your issue you might want to change the plugs also.

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