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    05 rxt runs rough

    My 05 stock rxt has been having an issue with the starter relay the last couple of months, but once started always ran great. Well today I put a new relay in, and it start right up, and started right up several times. Once I got out into the gulf, I hit the throttle, and it took off, then about 50mph, started to cavitate. I thought it was due to rough water, but the engine was running obviously bad. the engine sounded like something was loose inside it, and maybe not hitting on all cylinders. I turned it off, then checked it for codes and nothing came up. restarted and idled back home. I had to stop it again during the idle because it sounded so bad that I was worried something was being destroyed inside the engine. When I would restart it, it sounded better, but still rough. A little more info, While I was putting on the new relay, I lost two bolts, and a socket, but I am sure they are under the engine somewhere, I dont see how they could have damaged anything, but I did run my hand down as far as I could and wonder if I could have pulled something apart.

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    another question

    If I was to reverse the two rubber tipped wires going to the soleniod, what would be the outcome. I thought I got it right, but looking at the manual it shows the 3 wired terminal on the bottom, and mine is on the top. Any thoughts, or if somebody has an rxt, could you let me know what your terminal order is? Thanks.

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    Still starts right up, but still runs like missing

    I am starting to think it might just be the plugs. I have 50 hours on ski, and havent been in yet for the service (I only did the 10 hr.). I just started it about five times, and it starts right up everytime but still sounds like its not hitting on all cylinders.

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    Plugs are a cheap investment...once...twice a year at your rate of use.

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