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    Plugs fouling on 94 750 SLT

    With new plugs the unit runs great at high speeds. After going thru a no wake zone usually one plug will foul. Does the oil injector have the ability to be adjusted to be leaner or is there another solution? Thanks

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    Your low speed mixture screw will adjust the low speed circuit.

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    Oil pumps are throttle variable. Unless someone installed the linkage wrong, it should vary oil flow. Fortunately Polaris was smart, and if anything was incorrect, the oil pump went full feed. Check your linkage as well.

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    Where is the low speed mixture screw and how should it be set? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad View Post
    Where is the low speed mixture screw and how should it be set? Thanks
    1992-1998 Polaris Service manual

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    Thanks for the link

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