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    99 gtx bogging,no codes

    I bought a 99 gtx limted from a guy pretty cheap who "just did'nt what to mess with it anymore" he said it was bogging and you could choke a little and it would run some,so after he let me do a compression test (both cylinders at 143 psi) I bought and took it to the river to try out.It was hard to start and when it did it would only run about 100 feet or less at just above idle and die ,so messing with it for about 10 min. I took it home put it on the water hose and it started up much easyer bogged only a little and idled at little rough,so I checked the fuel filter and it was pretty bad,then took some gas out it did not look that great either but I've seen worse.So I take out all the fuel which the owner said he just filled it up with fresh gas (he did not winterize) and it did not smell old at all, it was just moderately dirty.Like I said ALL the gas is gone (now it's going it the lawn mowers)My questions are,should I take the gas tank out and clean it and if I do how hard is that I never owned a gtx before?Do you guys think I will have to do the carbs?,they look like hell to get at. Do you guys think I'm going in the right direction? and last of all I thought seadoos beeped codes when they are messed up?

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    You already have a thread with the same exact questions,you dont need to start another.

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    I think he was correcting his typo in the title Worx.

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    Only the 4 strokes beep codes. You need to pull the carbs off and clean. Do a search on carbs here...we should pin the Mikuni carb manual at the top of this forum because everyone always needs it.

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