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    Yamaha GP800R 2001 Tie Downs

    Hi all, just recently picked up a GP800R 2001. I'm trying to figure out how is best to properly secure the rear to the trailer when transporting on highways, etc. I did find this photo which looks pretty secure but have no idea where to find/purchase this type of tie downs.

    Any suggestions on where to find something like that, or alternative methods to secure the rear to the trailer?

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    i use these and they work great....

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    Yes! Thank you, so I'd just want two single straps right? Double seems kinda overkill unless you recommend it? Want it as secure as possible of course...

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    Another question if I may... If I wanted to pull a wakeboarder or tube even, how do you recommend attaching it to the ski? I saw this accessory:

    But confused how it would attach, short of using a clip with it around the rear handgrip. In which case it seems it would be sliding all around side to side and probably causing the grip some damage if not yanking it off entirely. There must be a better way?!?

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    First you need to find out if you can pull a tube with a 2 seater ski in your state cause some states it's illeagel.

    Where are you located?!


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    Wow really? Why would it be illegal?


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    Don't use the rear hand grip, it'll come off! Maybe someone has an idea, but I've never pulled with a GPR. I don't know if the rear eyes are strong enough. I've towed dead skis back to the ramp with them but not a skier.

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    I think you need room for a driver, spotter and the skier/tuber.

    Oh, and glad you found the forum.

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    Any auto store will have ratchet straps. If you have a membership to Sams Club they have some nice Goodyear Ratchet Tiedown straps for $20

    Edit: I am having an issue with they website but it might work for you...
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    I use the same tie-downs on my GPR and they work great. Hydroturf makes the same product(except for the Yamaha logo) called skeekeeper, and you can get them a bit cheaper. I use two since I think the peace of mind is worth the price. Regarding towing, I made a bridle by tying a small loop in the center of a length of line and tied the ends to the holes in the deck. I also attached a couple small floating rubber bumbers to keep it from getting sucked into the pump. However, after reading a few posts about people getting cracks around the holes, I usually convince a friend with a proper tow hook to use his ski as the towboat.

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