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    99 gtx limited boging,no codes

    I just bought a 99 gtx limited pretty cheap the owner said it was boging down but tryed to run if you choked it.He let me do a compression test first and both cylinders were about 143 psi so I bought,took it to the river to try it out it would run about 20 feet a die out,so I bring it home put it on the water hose it fire up after a little coaxing,run but a little ruff.So I take fuel filter off and it looks pretty darn ruff, alot of junk in there so then I look at the gas and there is some crap in it too but not the worst gas i've ever saw,so I drain the fuel tank.
    I figured it would throw some codes but it did'nt.I'm just thinking about trying some new fuel after I drained the tank.My questions are, do you think I should just add about 2 or 3 gallons of fresh gas and maybe some conditioner or should I take the gas tank out,clean it and then do the fresh fuel thing?Do you think I will have to end up doing the carbs?I thought seadoo beeped codes when they are messed up?
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    Your ski dosent throw codes,not equipped.

    You need to start by removing the carbs & clean/rebuild them also replace ALL grey fuel lines as they have a problem with deteriation & that stuff cloggs up the fuel system & makes the motor run lean which will lead to motor damage if you continue to run it.

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    Sorry but my user options are messed up I can't change the linear mode it keeps going back to oldest post first so I can't see my post just right. The mod had to show me my post.The reason I posted twiced was I thought the first one did not "take".Does anyone know what I can do to get my posting back the way it should be,when I first came on here it was fine (normal) now when I go into users options and try to change it from oldest first to newest first it goes right back to oldest first and I am clicking on the save changes button.

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