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    GreenHulksters are you interested?

    Hey guys with this recent news having come down with the ban being held in place. ( Would any be interesetd in coming to maine on lake st. george and go riding in protest of this law. If you can make it up here, and ride that would be great. If I get enough people I have a camp up at the lake that I can use and we will bbq and ride in protest. Most likely I will need 30-50 riders to all go on the lake that day. If I have enough serious people willing to do this I will set a date most likely late summer august most likely. Let me know if you are interested

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    My new toys at work bruinsrme's Avatar
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    late june would work for me

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    I hate things that don't work! SearayEX12's Avatar
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    Possibly, busy summer, but if I am free definately.

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    The ski's have taken a "backseat" to the Corvette DarthAWM's Avatar
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    Someone get Insanediego Joe to uncork the exhaust on the Spitfire for the event.

    Sorry I'm not coming. It took me 3 1/2 days to get from Long Island to Texas, when moving my wife down. I don't have that kind of vacation time left this year.

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    Thats ok just as long as I have support. And maybe some bail money for after lol

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    this is ridiculous I was reading about the descions on the paper from the judges. " in rejecting the ban Justice Donald Marden said the threat to the public welfare is created not by the boat, but by the operation of the craft." UMMMMM HELLO IS THAT TRUE TO A CAR, MOTORCYLE, BOAT, YACHT, KAYAK, CANOE, TRUCKS, MOPEDS, ATVS, SNOWMOBILES, ETC ETC. This is soooooooooooo bias I want to puke.

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