New lifeboat unfazed by Exe low water
08 May 2008

EXMOUTH'S new lifeboat the Margaret Jean on Wednesday rescued two jet skiers suffering from hypothermia after their engine failed.

The Mersey-class boat showed its worth as it made its way without difficulty through knee-deep low water to pick up the two men and take them back to shore.

The men, both from Exeter, were spotted by an auxiliary coastguard after an object was sucked into their jet-ski equipment, causing it to fail.

The Exmouth lifeboat had been out on an exercise and a message was received by the crew to help.

One of the men was taken to Exmouth Hospital where he was checked by medics. von24&tCategory=newsexj&itemid=DEED08%20May%202008 %2016%3A23%3A26%3A470