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    How to run an ultra 150 on pre mix

    I'm going to buy a kawa ultra 150 next month. I noticed that it still uses the oil injection pump. I have had real bad experience with oil injection in the psat. I lost an engine in my former 650sx due to oil pump failure. I spoke with the current owner and asked why he still uses the oil pump. He said it cannot be removed due the balancershaft gear or something. Has anybody removed the system? I removed the injection on my sea doo and only used the oil lines to the rotary gear for lube. The rest I sealed off. Can this be done with the ultra engine?

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    Yes you can run it on premix. But it's not as easy as other pwc motor's.

    This motor has to be split at the cases and the check valves plugged.

    Then the balancer cavitys have to be filled and then tat fluid has to be changed once in a while. The front cavity you could actually suck the fluid out. But the rear ethier tip the motor or split the cases again. The front fluid on mine was some what dirty after me getting it from the previous owner and me putting about 6 hrs on it till I pulled the motor and redid the ski which you could see in my project section. The rear cavity how ever was as clean as the new oil I was going to put in so I left it.

    I would change the front balancer every 50 hrs at least and the rear at 75 to 100 or more often if you ride the piss out of it Like I do.

    It doesnt take much fluid like about 22oz's in the front and 6oz' in the rear.

    It's in my book but I dont want to get But if you need exact numbers let me know.

    Anyway I have had no problems so far but all in all the ultra pump so far seems pretty reliable but the oil line hoses need to be paid attention to because they get brittle and crack. So oil line mantiance and replacement should be paid close attention to.

    Hope this helps.
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    I would only do it on a full blown engine. The oil pump is very reliable.
    If you still want to do it I can help you out. Keep in mind, you need to split the cases.


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