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    Team DEAF Jet Ski! This is awesome!

    We will be soon getting our own Deaf Jetski Clothing!! Beanie (hats), T-Shirts, Jumper hoodies.
    Will update more soon!


    Deaf Jet ski at Redcar was a SUCCESS 28 th – 30 th march 2008
    The Northern Monkeys group
    Wow what a weekend!!! The weather was all right when we were leaving Scotland and the traffic was actually not so bad. It took us about 4 hours to get to Redcar England, cutting through the motorways and the back roads just to flaming get there!!!
    We got to our hotel and it was dead no one arrived well so we though!! So we just went to an Indian restaurant to get our dinner and suddenly we get a text from some of the Hearing Scots asking us where we were. They then told us to get to the Barra Cuda (it’s a club) got in and everyone looked straight at us a few of them look at us and shouted Sky Peter where is he?? Peter put his hand up and they basically ran over to him shook his hand and introduced the rest of Team Deaf Jet ski to the Northern Monkeys!!! What a group of lads and ladettes booze was giving to us left, right and centre and we were happy to repay them back. Friday night was a beer fest they wouldn’t let us go to bed!!
    Saturday arrive at the beach and it was fantastic some of us have never skied in the Sea before so we weren’t too happy with the salt! The waves were good weren’t great about 2 feet high some of the skiers said it is usually better but ach well we will show the sea what we are made of anyway!!! But realised that the salt made our skis lighter!!! Around 40 skiers attending the day and 4 Deaf from Scotland. These guys totally rocked and show some great Freestyle it made us want to try that right now. (I did and I failed haha!!!) But after in the sea for about 8 hours we just had enough a lot of the guys left early to start drinking again but we waited until about 4.30pm. When we arrived back to the hotel the car park was full! There was another venue taking place in our hotel so we lost our space. The hotel manager was very friendly and has had a lot of Jet Skiers come to his hotel and gave us his garage to keep the skis over night. The night was great Gary and Chris held a Raffle for the RNLI, which raised a good bit of money. The Northern Monkeys kept on saying it was a fix because we kept on winning prizes! Thanks Claxton Hotel!!!

    Sunday I think everyone was either dying of a hangover or just too tired to jet!! There were still some skiers in the salt. The tide was quite high the waves were about 4 – 5 feet high much better to go on. But we were too tired to go also we had a long journey to get back home. I took some more snaps of the skiers which was great shame I didn’t get much of Team Deaf Jet ski as I was too busy getting in the salt ooops next time though! Sam one of the Jet skiers who work for Jet Skier PW magazine has kindly put us on the magazine because she never saw Deaf Skiers who were so keen to meet up with the Northern Monkeys and get in the Salt. So we could be in the next month’s magazine if you want a copy email one of us and we will sort it out. As we all went our separate ways every single skier was great very kind and welcomed us with open arms (sounds Cheesy!!!) but they did and we want to thank them all for it.
    Want to say thanks to these people who have been great with Deaf Jet ski:-
    0ne head for letting us get tuck in to your tuck shop and sign,
    Sprocket for his quick thinking and fixed two of our jet ski’s,
    Sam for interviewing us for their magazine,
    Big Dafty Si for organising the weekend of Northern Monkey!!
    Darren for saving our van (you know what I mean)
    Gary and Chris from LLPWC for all the prizes at the Raffle and communicating with us where to meet.
    Sean for getting a blast of Nemo!!
    Hello and welcome to the first ever Deaf Jetski Website.
    We formed in 2007 and we are based at Loch Lomond. We Jetski around Loch Lomond every Sunday never missing a weekend.

    We are looking for Deaf people who are interested in Jetski-ing or has a jetski who would like to join our group or just even chat with us and go Jetski-ing with us!
    We have so many ideas to run around with but we just started but if we get more jet skiers then we will get involved with Competitions, Challenges and Freestyle with anyone.

    There is also another Team from Loch Lomond called Team PWC (Personal WaterCraft) and the LLPWC (Loch Lomond Personal WaterCraft). Who we often meet up with from time to time, these guys are great at what they do and teach us some exciting and EXTREME performances.

    We now have a Deaf Jet Ski Group set up on Bebo you can join by clicking here.

    If you would like to chat to one of our members on MSN then please feel free to add us at

    Team Deaf Jetski
    *** Coming soon Camfrog (Online Webcam) ***
    Deaf Jet Ski @ Redcar.

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