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    How do I get this off my rxp

    Well I saw a pic yesterday where a guy had the plastic piece that runs around the back of the ski under the grab bar painted to match. My question is how do you get this off or does it even come off. I have a friend thats ready to paint it so any help would be great. And other quick question is there anyway to get ahold of the paint code for the sea doo green. He has a paint camera but I thought I might be able to save him some time. Thanks again guys

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    2 bolts up by the front under the seat, 1 in the back under the BRP badge, and 2 inside along the rails where the cowling and the fiberglass of the seat meet, all 5 are allen head

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    Thanks alot man!

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    And then you will need to pull like a mofo the first time it comes off.
    It has a snug fit and seal the first time off.


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    Thanks ill keep that in mind

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    I pulled the plastic skin off the rear cowling frame after you get that off(prick of a job) i think there was a lot of rivets by memory

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