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    oil dilution problem

    Hi there wondering if any one else has had a problem with the oil level on there skis.

    I have changed the oil as per the users manual and filter and then added 4.3 litres of fresh oil.when i drained the system ther was about the same 4.5 litres came out of it.

    What concerns me is when i was out on the ski and checked the oil level it was way above the full mark.I then checked my mates other two skis and they seemed the same fine i thought but it was me who changed his oil also.The oil also seems to be very thin on all three almost like water.I made sure the oil was of the correct viscosity .

    Is there a problem with fuel diluting the oil when running in the cold as we do here in scotland.the 3 skis are 03 r12x

    My other problem is the ski goes into limp mode when at wot for any length of time and flashes the oil can light.I have tried disconecting the sensor beside the oil filter and also the sensor below it but it makes no difference.I havnt tried pulling the fault codes as i dont know how many flashes relates to what problem or part is faulty i cant seem to get a service manual for the ski here in scotland.

    any help would be greatly appreciated many thanks stevie.

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    The oil dilution seems to be a problem with all of the forced induction motors, especially Honda and Kawasaki. It is nothing to worry about on the Hondas, since I now have over 500 hours.

    Nitro has posted the flash codes for the ECM either here or PWCTODAY.COM. Use the search and you will find them or try the below file. It sounds like you are hitting the overboost alarm. It could be your wastegate on the turbo is frozen, bad MAP sensor or Bad Waste gate solenoid.
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    I know u mentioned u had a motor replaced at some point.
    That 500 hours is all on the 2nd motor correct?

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    Yes, and I still "sweat" the stock valve springs, even in the replacement engine and try not to run the boost above 14 PSI.

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