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    Talking Well it happened to me again!

    Barry Lee, Mike Smith (hypertoys) both past mud bug record holders and I were ridding the Wachamaha River Which is just north of Myrtle Beach, SC when we met two young guys on pwc's ( A gpr and a rxp) going the other way. We passed each other in the river and a few seconds latter they turned around and came up beside us and ask if we wanted to race! So I told Barry I would take the guy on the gpr and he could take on the seadoo rxp. Well you know the results they both were out ran with ease! The guy on the gpr ask me if I ever went on Greenhulk forum then about that time he seen the small "Fountain Racing" decals on our hulls and I told him who we were. His eys got big and his mouth fell open he said "O" We talked a few min. and said his forum name was wingnut3k . He was new to the forum I think. But they were very nice guys and I will try and look him up when I go back there for another ride! Morrel of this story is if you see some old gray headed over weight guys on gpr's don't be so quick to pick on them as you might be in for a supprise. "Go ahead punk make my day" Just having fun! Tommy Jordan

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    Good story!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2fast4u View Post
    Morrel of this story is if you see some old gray headed over weight guys on gpr's don't be so quick to pick on them as you might be in for a supprise.

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    I always get a laugh from those kind of story's.

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    ^ So freakin classic Tommy!!!!!!!!!
    I love it!!!

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    that is funny...

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    "Go ahead punk make my day" Ya gotta love it...

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    nice story..

    at least they get to brag about being blown away by one of the gpr gods..

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    Too bad you didn't have David with his prop ski
    Could've gave those boys a nice jet wash.

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    I just LOVE lake grudge racing. Early last spring myself and some of the boys from the forum here went out testing on a small lake we had never been to before. At the time I had my Lowell ported 1200 cylinders and we were dialing in the carbs. GPR_Mike and AndyGPR were back in a cove and came up on a kid riding an RXX. There ski's (GPR1300's) weren't set-up properly and they were having some issues but raced this kid anyways. I guess it was pretty close, not sure who won. They then told the kid that there was a 1200 there that would beat him and he (me) would be around shortly. The kid said "ya right, no way!" I was at the dock and TCR was playing with my carbs. Well all of this was unknown to me, and I ended riding up just after all this went on. They were all sitting in this cove and I rode up to park by them. This kid on the RXX pulls up next to me gunning his engine and I was pretty surprised to see one as I had never seen one on the water before. So I aked this kid that was gunniing his motor next to me if he wanted to run that thing and he responded "hell ya". I said lets go , we both hit it at the same time and I left this kid like a jet leaving the runway! I stopped at teh end of the cove and theis kids eyes are popping out of his head saying "man that thing has some balls"! So we ran again the reverse direction and I let him have the holeshot this time. Once I was on plane I smoked him badly. He had a lot more respect for us old guys after that

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