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    one dead

    On Sunday trajedy struck at Lake Texoma, Texas. I dont know all the details but was told that some kids around 19 were out at the Islands and spraying each other on their skis when one broadsided the other killing one and seriously injuring another, the third person on the ski had minor injuries. I had spoke to two of them when the were launching and I commented to them that it was too cold to be helmets, not that Im promoting helmets....sad start to the summer. You can get more info from the Fox news in dallas...Im not good at retrieving and posting info...I just wanted to remind all of us to be careful...we have alot of power under us and cant stop when we choose to.....

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    Helmets for rec riding is dumb. Thousands of people ride skis every day and never get hurt. It is just sad that some of those people are dumb.

    Darwinism. Saw it the other day when a guy laid his motorcycle over on the freeway going 100 mph in traffic. Luckily for him he survived.

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    I let a friend ride my ski once and he and another person thought it would be fun to spray each other. When I found out I went balistic, being stupid how accidents happen.

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    +1 thats why no one but me rides my ski without me... would you let some one go run the s$%t out of your car and reck it? Thats just the way I look at it. A watercraft may be a watercraft/ toy but these days there are alot more risks to having fun. death being one, people suing, friends other boater included,damage that users are unwilling or unable to pay for ect.

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    What is worse is I see parents buying their teenagers these skis that are just way to powerful for beginners. People see everyone having fun but don't take the responsibility to teach kids that these are in fact NOT TOYS! I apologize in advance to all the responsible parents who do take the time and effort to make sure their kids are safe.

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