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    Unhappy hood slams in rough water?? help!

    i have always noticed it but now that the ski has new paint and looks good the banging noise when hitting a wave just makes me cringe. i believe it is the little slack that the front hood seal has.. its just enough to make a gap then slam back down. am i correct? if so what has anoyone done about it . i was thinking putting a rubber seal around the area for the lid to close on??? any thoughts thanks

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    Mine does the same thing after years of use. I think you're right - it's the seal that's compressed somewhat and is not keeping the lid tight. Not sure how to fix it other than getting a new seal?

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    I had the same issue with mine but i found that it was the visor not being tight enough and hitting the hood and not the hood hitting the ski I tightened it up and it got better for me.

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    i think my little screws that stick in to the rubber in the visor are stripped.. what can i replace them with? think one or 2 of the rubber pieces are totally gone maybe?

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    Get yourself some closed cell foam insulation tape at Home Depot (about $3). Pull out the bucket and replace the foam tape around the hole. If it still rattles, run another strip of foam around the underside of the bucket lip so that the non-adhesive edge of the foam strips face each other. That should give the bucket enough lift to press firmly against the hood seal. If that doesn't work, replace the seal. I just tried that myself and I didn't need the hood seal I just bought.

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    sweet thanks a lot unfortunatly no home depot but but i will try and find some lol... thanks

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    just bend the hinge on the lid its self till it is tight again

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    I understand you gents are talking about used hoods and hinges. my ski is new, and it makes noises like a mofo in the rough...
    guess I have to have a closer look tomorrow...

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    yea mine did to .. make sure the visor is realyl tight.. then also my seal/gasket under the hood was fine .. i gues we jsut got unlucky ones. its actually around the edge where the hood meets the frame on both sides u can just put a line if this thick foamy tape stuff and it works beautifuly..

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