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    Question recommendations on gps and vhf

    Almost have my nerve to go on the salt water-been practicing on the lake this winter and got a pretty good feel for the boat. Since I'm seriously directionally challenged( actually got mixed up on Lake Tarpon a couple of times ), I wanted to have a handheld gps(trail of breadcrumbs) to assist me when the shoreline begins to all look the same. Also wanted a vhf handheld( for emergencies only!) if my cell was unable to summon help. I probably won't be travelling off the west coast of Florida that far( less than a few miles) I'm only in the 15 foot speedster! Just wanted to check out the islands off the mainland. I have the Garmin gps 72($100) and a Midland($45) 5 Watt sitting in my cart @, but wanted to hear from anyone willing to give input before checking out. You guys have been a great help thus far!


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    It's 3 times the money, but I sure love my Garmin 76CSx with color and the extra memory. I was island hopping on the Clearwater intercoastal last week, and shot all the way down to Gators. I don't think I would have been able to discern it on the GPS without the extra detail afforded by the screen being in color. The 72 is a hell of a buy though, and great deal on the Midland too. Whichever GPS you get, make sure you get the Recreational Lakes software (or whatever they're calling it), because not much information comes with the GPS (that why they are so cheap). No need to get the Blue Water software, that's for more far-out ocean navigation. A GPS mount is something to think about too.

    Much more work after running in the saltwater, but it's totally worth it. Being out in the intercoastal this time of year is soooo much more fun than a boring ol' lake.
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    Garmin makes the best GPS out there right now

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    I personally have the Lowrance iWay 600c but a friend of mine has the Lowrance H2Oc and absolutely loves it. It's like Ford and Chevy, there will always be rivals.

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    I got a garmin Ique3600 from ebay for $75 it does streets or blue chart navigation ,there are alot out there used and it is a handheld that I use in my car and on my speedster. They make a water proof case for it and you can still use the touch screen ,the blue chart show the depths of the water its a great piece ,goodluck.

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    Garmin 60CSX, 72CSX

    And I like the Lowrance H20 cause it takes a Navionics chip.

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