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    ultra 150 mods, and rear cylinder temp.????

    -What’s up guys? just purchased a '99 ultra with 180hrs on it, for 2500....really clean ski. Completely stock. I just want to hear some feedback and get some advice....I want to buy an Impeller, scoop grate, water box (yes I do like the loud noisy ones, I know not to good performance wise), k&n filter set up, and maybe a few more goodies to get speed up a little bit, but mostly nicer ride. What do you guys recommend manufacturer wise? I do not really want to go for the heads, carbs, exhausts, yet....I just want to know what you guys have used and worked well....
    -In terms of oil injection, which I was really going to eliminate until I read a thread on here -thank god, is there something that is out there or something I can do to eliminate this system? How is the pump driven? I know on a rotax its a little plastic shaft, that when it breaks there is no warning...I was thinking about putting an aux. temperature gauge in, anyone know where the right spot to put the sending unit would be?
    -I found when I ran the ski with a hose hooked up, the rear most cylinder was about 10degrees warmer than the forward 2, is this normal? I figure its the last stop on the cooling loop and the heat came from cooling the other 2 cylinders....Above the pump there is what? 4 water outlets? I would like to move them up with the other one on the r/s of hull...I know you have 2 back there from the heads which are same size, but what are the other 2 fittings?
    -I know I just wrote a lot im not really expecting to many people to read that all, but any feedback would be great! I would really appreciate anything anyone has to say! thanks alot, Joe.....this is really a great site!

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    Wow, what a mouthfull Agood place to start your education to ultras is the mods thread in my sig. The pissers out back are 2 for the cylinders 1 for the exhaust and the little 1 is the drain for the rear air intakes. If you want to move them get the tripple pisser kit from skiworx. I do suggest moving them. The exhaust one doesnt really matter but I moved mine. The k&n stuff is for cars and 4 strokes, dont mess with the airbox unless you get the carbs modded. If you do without doing something to the carbs you may burn a piston. Setting up an ultra for premix is a pita, the cases have to be split and the check valves blocked. For the ride and handling get a shredmaster plate and some sponsons. The weak point in the ulra drive system is the pump bearings. Your best bet overall would be to get a level 1 kit from skiworx. That would get your pump bearings, a solas 16/20, carb mod, stinger mod and a set of heads. It will make a big difference in how it runs. If you want loud get the tdr waterbox, I would suggest the baffeled one not the powerspray. Most that get the power spray hate them they are too loud. The billet trim ring instead of the turned down exhast helps the sound too.

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