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    cover question for a 15f

    ive been looking on ebay for a cover for my new 15f and won one this evening. its one for a 04 15f, brand new still in the box for 120 bucks plus shipping. not to bad of a deal i thought but will it fit my ski? i assumed it will since the 04-08 look the same.

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    you can probably answer your own question by now.....

    but, I don't believe it will fit

    Handle bars were raised, from initial 12F design

    Might just be 03, but, I think you need 05 or newer

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    Does anyone know the answer to this?I pm d the threadstarter and he hasnt gotten back to me (yet) I have a 2006 15f and have found a cover for an 2004 12f. If anyone can answer this,it would be greatly appreciated as I only have a couple days to buy it.

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    I bought a pair of the Dowco Guardian (Part Number: 52097) Covers off ebay, for my 2008 STX-15F's. Dowco list them for 2004-2006 models. A phone call to Dowco revealed that they have not updated any of their application specs since 2006. Seems they aren't spending any money on research and fitment for their PWC line, as it isn't a big money maker for them.

    Anyway these are very nice covers for the money (less than $100 each shipped.) Much heavier than I had expected. Well built and very good fit.

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