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    Seadoo GTX problem Need help!

    I just bought a 03 gtx 155hp seadoo it had 49.1 hours on it. When i hit 50.3 the screen said check engine and the little red light started flashing. i didnt lose power i could of kept riding. I shut it down put the key back on fired it up and rode then it hit 50.4 hours did the same thing. Hit 50.5 did it again but it seemed like it was still running great. Shut it down cleared it i hit 50.6 hours and it beeped but didnt shut off this time.

    I was wondering if this is a maintenance thing that happens on these machines? Do i have to get something reset by a dealer?

    I checked my plugs and they were a little grey in colour. But i noticed my plug boots came off easy. I pushed them down hard and it was tougher to yank them off. Could that of been the problem?

    Im new to the whole 4-stroke thing i just need some help on this

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    go ride it again... as soon as u get the red flashing, press the SET button 5 times quickly and look at the screen quick! it may or may not give you a 4 digit p-code. if it does, do not forget it and tell us what it is.

    make sure your oil level is ok, make sure all sensors are plugged in, make sure the correct spark plug is in there and make sure the coils are pressed down and all the wires are connected.... after u check these things, go put it in the water and try to replicate the problem. if it does it, then record the code and go right back to the dock and don't ride it anymore till u find out exactly what it is.

    OR.... call it quits now and take it to a dealer bc they can connect it to a computer and read the histroy of engine faults to see what happened.

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    Ok ill probly be going out again either friday or saturday and let you know.
    I knew there was a way to check to code but i couldnt remember when i was out there what i had to do.


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    Ok well i took the machine out today. I put almost 2hrs on it with not a single problem. I dont get it. Maybe it was the plug boots they werent pushed down all the way.

    Also i dont know if its just me or what but im hearing a beep every once in a while. Not sure what this could be. Nothing happens when it beeps though not lites flash etc. Any suggestions?

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    One of our 04 GTX SC was flashing a maintainance light off and on while riding. No limp mode. After letting it sit for a bit-- all was well for a while.

    Got an error code. Dealer said it was the oil sensor. Replaced the one at the top, front of the engine.

    Ran it for another hard 10 hrs or so since and no problems.

    WHen it does it again get the error code and lets see what it says.

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