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    Red face 1200 xl top speed!

    I just bought a 2000 yamaha xl1200 ltd. and took it for a ride for the first time. It has been sitting outside for the winter and the guy I bought it from said he left the gas and oil in it! we changed out the plugs and they looked good but put new ones in anyway. the compression was good but my problem is the top speed. I full throttled it and it only reached 91km/hr. I know you guys are in mph but can someone shed some light on to what could be my problem?? it also only went to 7000rpms no higher! redline is 8000. Could it be the gas?? should I put some higher octane???? Or just fill it up with fresh 87octane??? Other than that I dont know what to do! PLease if anyone could give some advice I would really appreciate it.Oh and it is completely stock but I just ordered a riva intake grate cuz the old one is broken. that couldnt be my problem????Also are the wave eater clips important or am I ok without them???I was told I should get em???


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    i went to this site :

    and 91km/h = 56mph... i think that is close for stock.... really need a gps to know exact speed...

    get the waveeater clips, cheap peace of mind....

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    XLL1200 = 91 kays mate

    and if it's stock, I hope you DONT get to 8000 in the water !!!

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    Smile So I am in the right range!

    Okay I was scared and a little disappointed at the same time. for my first time ever going that fast felt slow and I know im in the right place to make it go faster but for what cost??? So what can I do that isnt relatively to expensive to make it go faster!? I know I could buy a newer model but I am not a rich kid! I feel its got enough hole shot but what about top end??? how much and what can I get to add some extra top end? The guy who sold it to me said it goes 102km/hr so I thought something was wrong! I am pleased to know that there isnt and thanks for the insight.
    91 kays is slow to me, but I guess it will do for now, until my wallet gets bigger. And the rpms never go above 7100??I guess thats what your saying bren? lol

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    You might try using the search function for XLT. I know that there are many threads on performance increases. Good luck!

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    58 - 59 mph @ 7150 rpm

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    get the waveeater clips---they are a good investment--take it from someone who didn't use them, and now needs a whole new top end as my powervalve possibly hit the piston ring --shattered it and then scored the cylinder----not fun and could have been prevented---not difficult to install and cheap insurance.....

    as far as speed---the fastest I ever went on my xl was 61 on mirror river waters--56 is about average

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