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From the Advocacy Desk: March 2008 Advocacy Report
Date: 4/15/2008
In addition to working to maintain a strong Title IX and a comprehensive public policy agenda that increases opportunities for girls and women to participate in sports and physical activity, the Women’s Sports Foundation responds to hundreds of calls and e-mails asking for help with specific gender equity, Title IX, the Amateur Sports Act, and coaching and employment situations at the local level. Read about some of the people we have helped.

Success Stories

Success Stories

Striking a balance between encouraging physical activity in your daughter without pushing her too far can be a challenging endeavor. We’ve compiled a set of resources to help you in your quest to raise a healthy daughter and to make sure she gets equal athletic opportunities.

Teaching Your Daughter How to Be a Good Sport
How a child behaves on the playing field is critical to their social development. Child psychologist Darrell Burnett shares a guide for how to teach good sportsmanship to girls, including a checklist that you can share with your daughter.

Success Stories: Parents Demanding Equal Opportunities (links to Parents Tee Off...success story to be migrated)

Tips on Getting Girls Active
Research shows that physical activity is an effective tool for reducing the symptoms of stress and depression among girls. Sports help girls develop leadership and teamwork skills. Girls who participate in sports have higher self-esteem and pride in themselves. So, how do you, as a parent, get your daughter off the couch and into the game? Here are is a comprehensive list of pointers

Girls’ Sports Resource List for Parents

A compilation of organizations, books and Web sites for parents who want to support their daughter’s active life.