1st ride only got 7700 and 7800 rpms on short wot bursts
at 2 and 3 hours on boat.
Had hi temp exhaust warning beep when wot for more than
5 seconds or so.

Checked out all water lines, water filter, etc.
Could not find any problems, leaks, kinks, etc.

Before 2 day out: removed almost 1 quart of oil - was overfilled
at dealer (new)
Removed outter sock from 3" Riva air intake filter
Adjusted throttle cable, had a little too much slack in it.

RESULTS: 64* water, 72* air

Got 8100 immediately after proper warm up and being easy on it.
Then a while later got 8120 rpm and would hold that.
This was with full tank gas and gear and cooler up front. I am over 250 lbs.

Rode at varying rpms. Now have 5+ hours on boat...
While keeping up with freinds' Ultra 250's Got P1544 exhaust temp warning beeper any time WOT for more than 8-10 seconds..
Just let off throttle down to 6000 or so and beep/code goes away.
It just happens at wot !!! WTF
Anyway, do you guys think I can pull a bigger prop --- is 8120 THE Rev limit for this boat?
What to look for -- exhaust overheating.

This thing pulls hard out of hole -- wants to "jump" and comes unhooked even with my fat ass on it.
Midrange feels good. I have not gps'd it yet. Know by comparison that
on smoothish water it goes at least 66.5 mph.