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    Does this sound right!!

    I took out the rxt after adding a 4" rear intake, GH waterbox, Jims plate with skeggs - holes not filled yet, 160# thermostat, and i added 2mm to the 14/17r prop...still have the XS IC/injectors and Greenwheel to get..

    didnt get good speed numbers due to the GPS was acting funny, but rpms were 8050/8100 and the one run i did get before the gps went out was 69.4 before the end of the run in slight chop, I was getting a constant 68 at 8150 before I added these, Shouldn't i be faster than I am??

    boost number really didnt change at all, I thought the rear air would give me some extra...

    riva 3" to rear 4" should equal about 100 rpms
    waterbox should be a +100/150 over the riva thru hull
    I dont know how much Jims plate would add..

    Im confused and dissapointed..I thought it would be faster than it is...

    any advise?

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    You kind of answered your own question... It does not take much chop to destroy your top speed #'s.. I can run 80+ all day then hit some chop and can not get over 75-76 mph.. Don't get frustrated, you should see the lake Riva test on, Glass and private, We all chase there #'s and what most don"t know is that there posted speeds are the best in perfect conditions with "Dr.'s of speed close by"
    Keep trying, the speed will come!


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    With your previous run, was it in colder air and water temps vs what you ran after the mods I know that the colder the water/air the faster you go. Perhaps that may be a factor. Could you please post pics of your rear air set up on your rxt. Thanks!

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    finally got to test the RXT in some flat water..

    with the addition of the 14/17 +2, greenbox, jims plate w/skeggs holes not filled in, and 4" rear intake..

    the best i could get was 8040 and 69.9 with a full tank..before is listed in my sig

    almost broke the 70 mark..

    is this about right or am i missing some?? +1.2mph sounds low to me...

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