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    can u guys help me with a mod

    ok well iv got a stock 96 xp and ppl are always talking about a swirl??? is the the veins?? and was do they do like a 14 or a 16??? and would it help with the speed and also watts the dif with the nozzle? ty

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    i believe they're talking about the Skat Trak impeller model which is a "swirl" and can come in various bends...

    exit nozzle sizes vary for speed/accelleration.... larger nozzle = better low end, smaller = better top end

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    The best combo for a slightly modded ski is a 16/24 swirl with 85/88 nozzles. This is excellent for wave jumping, and racing. It kills about 2 mph top end.

    For a mostly rec rider a Solas XO and the same 85/88 nozzles are better. Holeshot is almost equal to the swirl, with no loss in top end.

    Swirls suck gas too...with today's gas for thought.

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