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    Truck and trailer stolen from MM79 ramp

    Now the guy left his truck there until 10pm at night, still no excuse for some POS to steal it. Then they find a list of boats in the Keys in the truck the thiefs had. Glad the POS's were arrested. I attached their mugshots too.

    In the first case, deputies arrested two men after they spotted them with a stolen truck that had been taken from an Islamorada boat ramp. The boat's owner, who put his boat in the water around 7 a.m. Friday near Mile Marker 78 and went out on the water, found his truck and trailer missing when he came back in around 10 p.m.
    The following morning, as he drove to Holiday Isle, he spotted his truck on a gravel service road near Whale Harbor Channel. The truck, a green 1994 Chevrolet, was missing the trailer. He called the Sheriff's Office.
    Deputy Paul Kupke saw two men near the truck; he arrested them and searched the truck.
    The Chevrolet logo on the back of the truck had been painted over with black paint and the truck had an unmatched license tag. The tag's decal also had been altered. The truck, which was idling without a key in the ignition, had been hot-wired. A notebook inside the truck contained a list of boats and trailers and their locations in the Keys. Deputies believe it indicated plans to steal more boats and trailers.
    Deputies also found a large knife and gun belonging to the victim as well as bolt cutters, a cordless saw, and screw drivers—all of which belonged to the suspects and are commonly used as burglary tools.

    Oscar Gonzalez, 26, of Homestead at first gave a false name to deputies, but a computer scan of his fingertips at the Monroe County Detention Center revealed him to be Gonzalez. Gonzalez and Alexis Portal, 38, of Florida City were charged with burglary, theft of a firearm, two counts of vehicle theft. Gonzalez was further charged with resisting arrest.
    The victim's boat trailer, a 2004 Shorelander, has not yet been recovered.
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    Jetski Coral

    Yeah, now we put all the Jetski's in a coral at night at hotels
    with cars around them and locks galore.
    We'll have to figure out something for MM79 ramp. Fortunately
    we usually have people on the beach when the others are riding.

    One of the things that came out of the thefts in Sebastian was
    that one of the potential crooks, a GH member, may be scouting
    events from the comfort of his computer to see where to strike
    next. We conveniently put up pix and announce who and what will
    be going. Now this guy may not have done it (Sebastian) but they
    did get him with Jetski's with hull ID's that don't match.

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    Doesn't seem anything is safe anymore.

    My good friends 3/4 ton Dodge diesel was stolen from south FL and used to steal heavy equipment for 2 weeks!! Didn't even change the tag. They found the truck later but no arrests. Truck was barely a year old.

    I've been trying to to come up with ways to make my skis safer by locks and blocking them in but if they steal the whole rig we're all screwed.

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    These days i don't like bring my ski out of the garage, I could only imagine if it was stolen

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    good thing they got caught. scumbags !!!

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