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    Crossing into Canada

    Taking a trip up on Lake Superior from Duluth MN to Thunder Bay Ontario on the skis (180 miles one way)

    Since we are going into Canada, does anyone have any experience on what we need to bring for documents and Identification?

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    drivers lin. and birth cirt. make sure you have no unpayed tics and you will be fine. at the border theay run your licn, and anything hidden comes out trust me!!!!

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    And obviously your registration/title for your ski (s) and your trailer. Have Fun!

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    On the ski....I've never had a birth certificate, but it certainly won't hurt. I do this a couple times a year at least as I live on the US/CA border in Buffalo.........just bring a cell phone and some masking tape & a permemant magic marker. At or near the border call 1-800-CAN-PASS.....that is the Canadian customs number. They'll ask you some questions, then issue you a number that HAS to be displayed on your craft. Hence the tape & marker. Then you're good to go.

    Only other thing, is legally, you need to check in with US customs upon re-entry. We have a harbor phone here with a direct link to US Customs.......don't know about you BUT I've often not bothered as the phone is out of the way of my home.......& it has never been an

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