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    8050 Rpm, good??

    I went out today in my speedster 150 and did a solid 56mph on gps at 8,050 rpm is that good? and that would mean I cant do too much more boltons without changing the prop right? I was gonna maybe start light and change to a gibson muffler . What will the factory rev limiter kickin at?

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    I think it's at over 8100 it kicks in, just like if you hit 8200 or something, but honestly never experiment it so i can not confirm.

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    Riva has some dyno data that clearly showed engine power dropping off after 8100rpms, but that was an '05 engine with an 8200 rev-limiter. On '06+ 4-tec SCICs that have their limiters at 8300 (maybe not X-models), I'm really wanting to believe that targeting 8150-8200rpms at WOT could be the right thing to do. Anyway, I think you've got another MPH coming to you, if you can get your revs to 8120.

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