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    95 SL750 wont idle

    I have a 95 SL750 that i bought last year and it has had the problem since i got it. Once it hits 3000 rpms or lower i lose power and motor stops. I had it in to a dealer and they told me that the stator was bad. So after hours of ripping the old one out and putting a new one in it is still doing the same thing. It does have an aftermarket impellar and jet kit on it not sure which ones it has but i can post if need be. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Please post pics of the parts. If the impeller is too steep that can cause issues.

    What's a jet kit?

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    Hi jd, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums.
    So above 3,000 RPM's, it runs good?
    Maybe check for a plugged low speed circuit?
    Have you verified the low speed screws are set correctly?

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    Have you done a carb rebuild, an or gone through the full fuel system? If not i would take a good look into it. The gas these days does wonders on carbs.

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    Thanks for the info guys i think i am going to start with putting the orgininal impellar back in. I wont be able to get pics til this weekend. After that i will start looking at the fuel system and carbs. Thanks again for the ideas

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    Alright so I replaced the impellar with the stock impellar and that didn't help things. Next i played with the idle screw on the carb and had it to where it was idleing at 3000rpms. I took it and put it in the water and now i cant get it to start in the water. Any ideas?

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    Can't get it to start in the water? Please elaborate....

    Doesn't crank fast enough = worn starter or battery

    No spark = ohm test elec stator

    3k RPM means throttle plates are opened = choke doesn't help?

    Have you checked compression?

    Have you inspected/cleaned the carbs?

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