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    Im buying a Ultra 150, some ?'s

    Hey guys. Im bran new here. I have been riding ski's for years. Just sold a 00 Seadoo RX and a 01 1100 ZXI. I am now considering a 05 Ultra 150.

    The ski is mint, only has 5 hours. Is there anything I should be concerned about since the ski sat unused so much for the last three years?

    When I go check it out, im bringin a compression tester. I will check the hull, motor mounts and try and get a look at the impeller. Anything else I should look for?

    Thanks so much

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    With 5 hrs there shouldnt be much. CHeck the motor area for oil and a messy oil compartment. This might mean there was alot of water in the compartment at one time.

    Ask if he winterized it or anything of that sort.

    Battery is probably no good. Might want to bring your own.

    Other than that at 5 hrs....there should be nothing wrong

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    3 years....... I hope it got fogged or something beforehand!!

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    Thanks guys. I know it has a bran new batt. I am ganan call today and ask about the fogging. Ill post pics when I can. Hope to drop it in and ride late tomorrow afternoon

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    Most likely, if it has been sitting that long, you will need to rebuild the carbs. At the very least, do a very good cleaning.

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