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    Unhappy F-I Error F12X 2004 Please Help!!!!

    I believe I had old gas in my waverunners, when I took them out, I would get up to 35MPH and the F-I error would come up. The wave runners would slow down to an idle and wouldn't go any faster until I shut them off and then they were fine up to 35MPH again. I went home and drained all the gas. I then put fuel injector cleaner in the tank and then filled them up with 93 octane. One wave runner ran better and the problem only happened a few times all day but it still doe's happen. The other one doe's it every time I hit 35MPH. Can anyone help?

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    You can use the search feature on here to look up the method for reading the malfunction codes from the ECM. Once you read how to find the codes, post them on here and we'll try to help you. You might be getting the "knock sensor failure code" that is sometimes caused by corrosion in the large electrical plugs going into the ECM. They can be cleaned with a small drill bit and sprayed with an anti corrosion spray.

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