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    race day disaster very dissapointed

    We had our annual endurance bridge to bridge race today 39miles of open throttle,my ski was in 1st place 2 thirds of the way through the race pumping 84.7mph , full tank fuel on the non modified 800 grate and a 1.5-2 Mph currant running against us,disaster struck when we were in the last 10 miles from home when the bloody drive shaft hose ripped open and had to pull out,i am very disappointed we did not get on the podium happy to blow past the rxp guys and others

    Have any of the guys ever had the drive shaft hose rip open ,also what is a bullet proof substitute for it

    We rode this race on the 800 standard grate untouched in any way at 85Mph for 30 miles and no breakage,to the guys who have broken grates did you modify or shim it in any way,i don't think there is anybody in the world who has put a 800 grate out of the packet to the test running 85plus for 30 miles full throttle and no breakage,we understood the dangers of running this grate on race day but that was our final decision,was this luck it never broke or because it was untouched in any way or shimmed,love to hear feedback from guys who have broken grates before

    Lowell and Todd i cannot thank you both enough for building me this weapon as 39miles of open throttle at 85+ Mph of punishment is unheard off,take my hat of to you both
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    sorry to hear it did not go as planned joe, if not for that failure it sounds like you had them licked.

    dont worry you will get them next time.

    btw i heard a rumour today that theres may be a new comp setting up in sydney.... seperate to anything being looked at by nsw pwc.
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    Congratulations on being in First Place!! Sorry the tube broke and took you out!

    A question on the 800 grate: Do your bolts stay torqued after test runs? after the race? Are you using steel bolts? or SS?



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    thanks Lowell ,i use Stainless and yes they seem to keep tight when i check no issues,
    If anybody is wanting a engine ported by Lowell the proof is in the pudding,85Mph plus on a 1300 tripple pipe flat strap for 39Miles without missing a beat,you cannot get a better guarantee than that

    And Tod from Jetworx your engine building /tuning is No 1 cheers
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    Congrats on almost winning Joe!!!! Its always those damn small details that kill ya. Apparently you got the handling issues resolved??

    The OEM hose doesn't last long and we have to upgrade to the heavier Gates brand with the green stripe. I've seen several posts on it but not sure it made it to a sticky. I'm sure Philip mentioned it on his build.

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    That just sucks Joe.

    The hose you need is a Gates brand 24024. 1 1/2" ID (38mm)

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    Here is a pic of the heavier duty hose I used to replace the OEM one with.
    Also, congrats to you, and sorry to hear about the misfortune.

    GATES # 24024
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    Good job Joe... Parts will always fail, and more often than not, its the small nickel and dime stuff that fails... There is always the next race to prep for..Thats Racin...

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    Still it is quite an accomplishment! and you should be proud! why would the hose fail? what stress is on it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZMANN View Post
    Still it is quite an accomplishment! and you should be proud! why would the hose fail? what stress is on it?
    Jet pump pressure..

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