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    Exclamation Technical Consulting wanted..!!

    I'm working with a friends 01 RX. Practicly turned in to an RXX. RXX MPEM Factory Twin Pipes 16/22 Skat with 48mm pump, M16 Reeds with intake R&D Filter R&d Ride plate plus intake grate . The thing is that we took advise from other friend and got a set of Buck Shots 50 mm carbs (to big for my taste after I found out). We also bore the cilinder to make the engine 1017 cc . Using the stock head I'm getting less than 145 psi per cilynder.Tried a stock head wih 10 mm off and no good. The thing is that I'm getting a preety rough idle and sometimes hard to start. Tried the stock mikuni needle valve springs (RXX aplicattions) (carbs) and no good .

    I have 4 things in mind get a racing Head , Install a racing module , reinstal the stock carbs a rejet or if somebody tell me where can i find a book for tunning that type of carbs.Im running out of founds for the project jaja... Thanks for the time

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    Get rid of the bucks... Those 50mm are a PAIN in the arse to dial in. If you insist on running the bucks you need 300 jetting.. 140 lows and 160 highs. 2.3 N&S with a 95g spring will get you to 17psi pop off...

    Also, you did a big-bore job, but did you mill the head to modify the squish band? Your domes need to be enlarged to match the BB.

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