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    EFI for a GP1300r

    Hey guys..

    I have a 07 GP1300r.I recently have started ordering parts for my ski and need some advice. i am a new guy when it comes to modifying skis. So far I have:

    d-plate, modded ride plate, riva exhaust, intake grate, peformance filter, pump seal kit, pump tunnel reinforcement, and sending out my head to be machined, and a dynafly 14/20 impeller.

    My question is do I need to have an EFI with these upgrades? None of these parts have been installed yet, I just went nuts and ordered. Any help would be great!


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    Yes...especially with the milled head

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    after the head being machined...yes you will need an efi controller. also it's not neccessary to not 93 octane gas until after you advance the timing....just for future reference

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    Buy the efi Before you cannot get one! the way you are going, when you put the aftermarket air filter on that is the smallest thing to do to need the efi controller! next will be the VF 3 reeds a 3 degree keyway!

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